Are your property taxes too high?

We have a solution for you!

No Charge for Service

Until you have refund in your hands.

It's your money

Spend it how you want to!

If you are a Cook County Resident and you received one of our letters, you are one of thousands of homeowners that have been over charged on your property taxes. We are here to help you recover what is owed to you – we help put your money back in your pocket!

You are never notified about your over paid taxes nor are you offered any guidance as to how to recover your monies.

Tax Recovery Corp. has been fighting high Cook County property taxes on your behalf. We have successfully researched and recovered thousands of dollars for homeowners just like you!

Our sole purpose is to recover your money.Here is how:

  • We research the necessary records proving that you are entitled to this tax refund.
  • We then complete the application process and file your claim.
  • Our fee is only a percentage of the money we help you collect.

Why do you need Tax Recovery Corp?

  • We cut through the red tape to put money back in your pocket FAST!
  • We research, prove overpayment, process paperwork and file your claim
  • And best of all–our services are absolutely FREE, if no refund is recovered!

We guarantee there will be absolutely NO CHARGE of any kind until your property tax refund check is issued to you.
Everything to Gain, Nothing to lose!