I received your letter in the mail, what’s this all about?
Simply put, it is about putting your money back where it belongs – in your pocket!  There are thousands of Cook County Residents that have been over-charged on their property taxes and most are completely unaware of this.  What we do is help you cut through the red tape and prove over payment to maximize potential refunds.

How do you know I over paid and am due a refund?
If you received a Tax Recovery Corp. letter this means we have done our homework.  We researched and identified potential over charged homeowner properties via our business model.  The research is done BEFORE you receive the mailer, which ensures our certainty in your eligibility.
How do I get started and secure my property tax refund?
The process is easy! You can fill out the application on our website and a member of our staff will contact you within 24 hours. Or you can call us at 312-361-3557 and speak to one of our representatives. The sooner you contact us, the faster we can recover your money.
What are your fees?
There are NO up-front charges. We only receive compensation if we produce results for you. All the hours and expenses involved in the tax recovery process are completely free until we successfully secure you refund. After your money is recovered, we are paid 1/3 of the certificate of error and any interest we can recover. That means you keep 2/3’s and have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
What does this entail?
A: Great News! We have done the difficult work up front. When we contact you we simply need to get a quick application signed to process your refund. We take on the responsibility of proving overpayment, showing that you’re a resident of Cook County and that you are the one responsible for the taxes. Because the time we take to research and prepare for the recovery, the application process only takes 5 minutes. We do the rest!
Can we do this by mail?
We would love to. Unfortunately, we require a face-to-face meeting to perform the required verifications in the recovery process. Our representatives are all notaries whom need to witness your signature.
How much money can I expect to get back?
Every client has a different situation, so results vary. On average, expect to receive at least $1000.00. Often, we can recover more. Remember, we are only paid a small portion of recovery, so we are motivated to recover as much as you for you as we can. It’s a win-win partnership! Call us today to get started!
I have a very busy schedule, what are your hours?
We understand a busy schedule, which is why we work the times that work best for you. Our staff has a staggered schedule, so we can have a representative meet you when it is the most convenient. Nights and weekends work great for us too! Fill out your contact information on the left hand side and get started today!